About us

About Us

Healthy and Tasty Italian Food

Since 1999, we have been serving only the best tasting pizza with the freshest ingredients we can find. Our flavors and ingredients are fresh and always well thought-out to satisfy the customers’ cravings. Apart from this classic Italian fare, our kitchen also produces delectable chicken wings and a wide salad selection. Our food is decidedly delicious as well as affordable. 

For our customers who have a very specific taste in pizza, they have the choice of making their own. Our pizza toppings include BBQ sauce, anchovies, bacon, red onions, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini and many 25+ others to choose from. With the sheer number of topping combinations, the possibilities are endless. You can discover your personal pizza every time you dine with us. We pride ourselves in offering food that does not only taste good but also looks good. Our customers are treated like esteemed guests to whom only the best lunches and dinners are served.

Come to our restaurant today and have a taste of great Italian food.

What Sets Us Apart?

True Italian Classic Fares

Our food is our tradition and passion. We serve Italian food that tastes as if they have come straight from kitchens in Italy. It is our mission to delivery the best and most genuine Italian dinning experience for every diner who walks through the door. 

Freshest Toppings and Produce

It is believe that good food can be healthy food. We only use the freshest produce for our dishes, and the pizzas we make are made of excellent and well thought out toppings. 

Affordable and High Quality Meals

Everyone deserves access to delicious meals. We bring joy and comfort to individuals and families by offering high quality meals that do not break the budget.

Excellent Delivery Service

Fast delivery of great pizza within 3 miles from our location. There will be a minimum purchase for delivery in each distance increment. Some areas may require a minimal delivery charge while other area might not be serviceable). Please click here and enter your address for delivery fee and minimum purchase. 

Pappa georggeo Pizza


4658 Pearl Ave. 
At Branham
San Jose CA 95136